Why do some people like to sleep in caves?

Why do some people like to sleep in caves?

I’ve had the opportunity to visit a few caves in my native India.

There’s a famous one called Maquoketas cave in the Himalayas.

It’s an incredible cave.

The rock is a lot different from the other ones I’ve visited.

You can walk into the cave with your feet.

It feels like you’re on another planet.

The water is fresh.

There are many caves around the world.

In India, you can find caves in many places.

It depends on the time of year and season.

I was there when the temperature was quite low.

At night, it was quite cold.

I felt that I was in the middle of a forest.

I don’t know how long it was before the water started to freeze.

There was an enormous amount of snow.

I couldn’t even feel my feet.

There were some people standing around outside, trying to help the people who were inside.

It was quite lonely.

It took me about 10 minutes to get inside.

The cave was very quiet, except for the humming of the hummingbird, the hummingbirds were in the cave.

I took pictures, because I was looking for a way to take pictures.

When you get inside the cave, you feel like you’ve stepped into another world.

People who have been in caves often say that they feel like they are being transported into another place.

You don’t have to go out there.

There is a waterfall, you are walking down the river.

And the water is cold.

It is very cold, too.

People are not afraid of the cold.

They know how to survive.

It also makes you feel very alive.

You feel very happy.

It really is a place to be.

It has a beautiful feel to it.

It reminds me of the way I imagined a cave in my childhood.

I wanted to get a feel for how my mind works.

I want to know how I feel, and I want a way of communicating with other people.

I can’t get enough of the cave experience.