How to add an Apple Watch face to a Windows 10 PC

How to add an Apple Watch face to a Windows 10 PC

We’ve already mentioned that Apple Watch faces are now available on the Windows 10 Store, but they’re not limited to just a few popular apps.

You can now add them to your Windows 10 desktop as well, thanks to an unofficial extension.

The extension, dubbed “penns cave”, allows you to add Apple Watch Faces to a desktop without having to go to the Windows Store.

It requires a bit of knowledge to install, but it does a good job of automating the process.

The app’s main function is to display a new “Apple Watch Face” image for each Apple Watch you open, which can be customized by you and others.

It’s basically a list of all the Apple Watch Face icons, but unlike many apps, you don’t have to worry about how to pick which one to display first.

The new Apple WatchFace is actually pretty similar to the Apple watch face in the Windows app, except you can also make the faces smaller or larger.

The interface is quite simple, too.

The first thing you’ll want to do is open the Windows Insider program, and then click on the “Windows 10” button.

Then click on “App Store” to search for the app.

Here, you can click on one of the apps listed on the right to see what other people have been doing with it.

The list of apps that are available in the app is quite extensive, and it can be quite confusing.

After clicking on the icon that looks like a big circle, you’ll see a list like the one below.

Click on one to see the app’s description.

Once you’ve clicked on it, you’re asked to confirm that you want to install the app from the Store.

That’s where the official extension comes in.

Once you click the Install button, the extension will open a window in your browser.

Clicking on it brings up the Extensions tab.

You’ll see the “penny caves” extension in the list, and you can see a lot of other extensions that allow you to do a lot more.

You can also check the list of “Windows Insider” apps to see if there’s an AppleWatchFace available, as well as other extensions like the Microsoft Band app and the Cortana App.

You don’t need to download any of these to get started.

Once all the extensions are installed, you have to create a new AppleWatch Face, which will be the one that you display on your desktop.

You should be able to use the “Microsoft Watch Face,” “Microsoft Band,” or “Cortana” icon on your Windows PC to display the AppleWatch face.

The default icon will be a little black rectangle, but you can customize the face by clicking on a small icon on the side of the Apple device that’s a little smaller.

The icon should look like this:When you’re done, click on your face to add it to your desktop, and that’s it.

You now have an Apple watchface, and the Windows Watch faces will show up in your apps.