How to Get to the Golden Gate Bridge on a Bike

How to Get to the Golden Gate Bridge on a Bike

You may have heard that the Golden State’s most famous landmark is about to open to the public again, this time via a bicycle ride.

That means you can ride the Golden Bridge, the world’s longest bike path, to the beach, take a boat ride, or go up to the cliffs on a raft.

The first bike ride of the Golden Age of Bikes, a 100-mile, seven-day-a-week, all-day, full-day adventure that takes place on the Golden Bay Bridge, opened on Thursday, October 9.

The Golden Bay Trail is the longest, most popular and most popular bicycle trail in the world, but the Golden Passage is the first bike trail in California to open in the modern era.

The Golden Bay Bike Trail will have 10-foot-wide, bike-friendly pathways for walking, running, and biking along the Golden Coast.

You will need to register at the gate at 4:00 p.m. on the day of the ride. 

The trail will be closed for the first time to accommodate the bike ride.

For more information on the bike route, visit

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