How to create a ‘man cave’ in the desert

How to create a ‘man cave’ in the desert

You can make your own man cave out of anything you want in the Mojave Desert.

Just a few years ago, the place was considered a wilderness.

Now, it’s considered a tourist attraction.

Read moreA new report from the National Park Service has found that the man cave has become a popular spot for locals to escape the heat of the desert.

The report, released Monday, said there are many reasons for this.

“Some people enjoy the solitude, others prefer the privacy, some simply enjoy the unique atmosphere, while others enjoy the sense of belonging that comes from being close to nature,” the report said.

One of the most popular options for those who want to live a life of solitude and peace in the middle of the Mojades Desert is the man-made cave system.

“A man cave can be a great place to retreat to, escape the everyday stresses of life and reconnect with nature,” said Mark K. Gantt, the report’s author.

“But in many cases, people don’t realize that there are other options, and so the man caves are becoming a popular destination for those looking for a change of pace.”

Gantt’s report was released the same day the National Geographic Society’s Man Cave Society announced a new video series exploring the underground world of the man.

The program, called Man Cave, will debut in September on National Geographic Channel.

In the video series, Gantts five-person team travels the Mojaves desert, from the top of the tallest mountain to the bottom of the lowest.

They visit “Man Cave” and other man caves around the Mojlands, and share stories and photos of their travels, including a video about the cave system in the Navajo Nation’s northern reservation.