New York Rangers: Cliff Cave Park opens at 5 a.m. this weekend

New York Rangers: Cliff Cave Park opens at 5 a.m. this weekend

New York City’s new luxury Cliff Cave park, dubbed the “Man Cave” by locals, has opened its doors for the season.

The first of four new indoor-outdoor facilities, the $9.7 million facility opened Friday at 5:30 a.M. to coincide with the start of the New York Islanders summer league.

The indoor facility includes a gym, tennis court, pool and a bar, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

The park is being constructed by an architectural firm of New York’s largest.

It will feature a retractable roof, a pool, a tennis court and a new indoor/outdoor gym.

The indoor facility will also feature a 3,500-square-foot indoor pool with water temperature of 90 degrees, which will be heated by the sun.

The outdoor facility will feature water temperature in the 50-60 degree range, with a maximum temperature of 60 degrees.

The water temperature will be adjusted daily based on the temperature of the pool, according the Times-picayune.

“The building will be fully enclosed with a steel-framed canopy, and a glass roof that will be tinted with an LED green light,” the Timespicayome reported.

“The pool will feature 24-hour access, and it will also have a full-time security guard and a security guard with an 8-man crew.

There will be a bar inside the building with food trucks and local vendors.

There will also be a skate park.

The building’s total construction cost is estimated at $8.8 million, with the first phase of construction scheduled to be completed in early 2019, according a statement from the team.

The Rangers, the team that purchased the land from the city of New Orleans, have long been fans of the resort, but were unsure how long they would be able to keep the facility open.

The team recently announced a plan to build a new arena in the area.