How to save a cave in Thailand

How to save a cave in Thailand

Cave rescue team members have been working around the clock to help a Thai cave crew that’s been under fire by locals for years.

On Sunday night, the Thai cave rescue team arrived at a cave that was already being attacked by a mob of locals, according to a video released by the Thai rescue team.

The video shows a group of people trying to fight off the locals.

But it soon becomes clear that the cave team is not doing enough to save the cave.

The group of rescuers were later arrested and taken to the local police station.

The rescue team had to wait several hours to get their equipment, which included a drone, in order to enter the cave and to get inside.

“The cave was already under attack by locals when we arrived,” the team said in the video.

“There was only one group of locals attacking it.

The rescue team is now the only group standing.”

The rescue teams were able to reach the cave safely and to help in the rescue operation.

The team said they were able “in some small ways” to help the cave crew.

“We saved a few pieces of equipment, like the camera that we used to film our rescue,” the rescue team said.

“And the rest of the cave was saved by the rescue teams members who stayed in the cave for a while, helping them to rescue the cave.”

The Thai rescue teams is not the first to attempt to rescue a cave.

A group of Thai rescue workers were recently filmed trying to rescue an Indian cave, after it was attacked by locals who were threatening to kill them.