How Cavs got into the cave in Batu caves

How Cavs got into the cave in Batu caves

CricInfo has obtained a copy of a letter from Cavs CEO Steve Johnson to a member of the Batu team, confirming the club has already begun exploring the caves for potential investment.

“Our first exploration is with the Batul caves in Batul province,” the letter reads.

“This will be our first exploration in a cave and we are very excited about the possibilities.”

Johnson confirmed that the cave will feature a water system, a gym, a sauna and, most importantly, a cave entrance, as well as a pool.

Cavs are exploring the Batum cave system with the aim of developing the batum and providing a better quality of life for our players.

Cave entrance.

Source: Cavs via TwitterThe Batu project is still in its early stages and there’s no word on how much investment Cavs has made so far.

It’s been a long time since the club went underground.

It was only in 2017 that Cavs were awarded a contract to construct a training facility in Batum.

But despite the investment, it was revealed that Cavies team has had trouble attracting investors in the past.

Johnson, who left Cavs in 2017 to take a position with Melbourne City, has repeatedly been quoted in the media as saying that the club will be able to sustain itself for a long, long time.

“Cavics [club] will continue to do business and be able operate for a while, but we want to build something new and bigger than ourselves,” he said in a recent interview with Fox Sports.

Johnson has been at Cavs since the age of 21, and has been involved with the club for over 20 years.

He was a key figure in Cavs history, as it became the first club to break into the A-League, and won the inaugural A-league title in 2006.

He also served as chief executive of the Brisbane Roar for five years, before he stepped down in 2017.

He has been linked to a number of big names in the football world, including Manchester City and Bayern Munich, but his future at Cavus is still unclear.