How the winds at the Cava Wine cave have changed over the years

How the winds at the Cava Wine cave have changed over the years

The wind has changed over time in the cave.

The original wind that blew over the cave at the time of the construction of the cave is the same one that blows today.

The wind speed has increased, the wind direction has changed and the wind velocity has changed too.

The cave has been called the “wind cave of the world”.

It is a little bit like the difference between driving in the wind and driving on a bike.

The wind speed in the Caves is very low and you will feel the wind around you, just as you would feel the earth under your feet in the mountains.

The Cava is also quite calm and the winds never blow over the walls, which makes it one of the quieter caves in the world.

When you go into the cave you can feel the air under your boots as well as the wind.

There is also a good temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the caves.

You can see the temperature of the wind in the air, which is what it is made out of.

When the wind is strong, it can make you dizzy and you may feel lightheaded.

However, this is very rare in this cave.

The caves temperature and the weather are also quite good.

The temperature is a lot cooler than most other caves in Chile.

It is very easy to go into Cava, as it is just two kilometers from the town of Barquisimeto.

The only thing to note about the cave, which you will see on the maps of the Chilean national parks is that it is not very well-maintained.

When you first enter, you will hear a whistling sound as the water moves through the cave and then you will be in a small clearing.

There are also a lot of rocks that make up the walls.

When we first went into Caves cave, we thought it was just a normal cave, but it turns out to be much more.

There was a little statue in front of the entrance, which had the inscription “Aristotle the Stoic”, a little cave that is named after Aristotle, and also the inscription, “The cave is a wonderful place to look at.”

It was beautiful.

There are also caves at different heights, and there are a lot more that you can go into.

It is one of those places that is really hard to find, and is one that is very special to Chile.

We have to say that this is a very good place to visit for those who are looking for the perfect place to spend a day.

It has also inspired many Chileans to learn more about the environment in the country.

In 2016, the Chilean government launched the Chilean Environment Conservation Program, a program that aims to protect the country’s natural and cultural heritage, as well its biodiversity and the environment.

The program is focused on the area around the Cascades, where most of the caves in this area are located.