Why Shoshone Ice Cave is a “Cave of Dreams” for People with Autism

Why Shoshone Ice Cave is a “Cave of Dreams” for People with Autism

A mysterious cave in the Shoshones National Forest, located just outside of Colorado, has captivated locals and intrigued scientists for years.

Now, an exhibit is opening up at the site, titled Shoshonice Ice Cave.

The exhibit features dozens of photographs from the cave’s walls and walls of a mannequin sitting atop a ledge.

In the background, a series of large black stones are visible, and one of the stones is carved into a human figure, with its arms raised to the sky.

“This is the first time the exhibit has been able to showcase the Shondee Ice Cave in this way, and I’m excited to share it with the community,” Shoshoni Ice Cave curator Dr. James McPherson told ABC News.

“The cave has always been a place for me and my husband, James and Shoshona Ice Cave, to share our love for nature, our love of the outdoors and our love to be part of the Colorado and Rocky Mountains.”

McPherton said the cave has been closed to the public for the last eight years, and he was hoping to bring back the exhibit.

“I think it’s something that we can all enjoy, just the same,” he said.

McPheson told KUSA-TV that he is excited to be bringing back the Shonsie Ice Cave exhibit, as well as the Shushonice Cave’s exhibits, to the park.

“People have been asking about these things, and it’s just been a lot of fun and we love the outdoors,” he told the station.

The Shoshonsie ice cave is located at the southern edge of the Rocky Mountains, about 200 miles northeast of Denver.

According to McPhe, the cave is a popular destination for families and people who want to explore.

McKenna County Sheriff Bob Wysocki told the Denver Post that the sheriff was not aware of any arrests for trespassing in the area.

“We have not been contacted by any individuals regarding this incident, and the sheriff will continue to investigate this,” he wrote in an email to ABC News on Thursday.