How to find your favorite coral caves

How to find your favorite coral caves

Coral cave signs and the signs that say ‘coral caves’ are a common sight in Brisbane, Brisbane City Council has confirmed.

The council said it had issued a public notice to Brisbane City Hall and local authorities last week, warning that signs were being installed to ensure people were aware of where they could go if they came across coral caves.

The signs will be posted at each of Brisbane’s 14 local waterfalls and will advise the public where to go if their journey is blocked by coral.

Council says signage is being installed around the city, with signs at the Waterfall Park, Waterfall, Lakeside and Castle Rock areas, and at the Coral Cove Waterfall.

Council said the signs were installed in the hope of encouraging people to stay on the roads, not to walk through the caves.

Council said signage is also being installed at all waterfalls where the signs will advise people where to walk if their trip is blocked.

“The signs are being installed in a way to encourage people to keep a lookout and not go through the cave system,” a council spokeswoman said.

“Coral caves are a significant and important part of the natural heritage in Brisbane and so it is important that signage is clearly posted where people can find the information.”

Ms Stacey said the council would continue to monitor the situation and work with the local authorities.

“I think it’s important for people to understand the situation, because it’s just a fact of life and it’s part of Brisbane,” she said.

“There’s people who are in danger, there’s people in danger because they’re not being proactive and there’s a lot of people who don’t know about these places.”

Coral cave sign at the Lakeside Waterfall