Why we’re so fascinated by the alum cave trails

Why we’re so fascinated by the alum cave trails

Posted October 07, 2018 08:25:21The most captivating aspect of the alums cave trail is not that it’s beautiful, but that it is so well maintained and safe.

The trail is located in the middle of the woods near the old Pott’s Cave in Timpanogosa, about 50 kilometres east of Toronto.

For decades, it has been used by local residents to hike, swim and fish in the pond, and to hunt trout.

It’s also home to the Potts Cave, a 1,300-year-old burial ground.

Since it was first discovered in 2009, many local residents have used it for hiking, swimming and fishing.

In October, a new trail opened up on the eastern edge of the pond and is a popular stop for hikers, who have to cross the road from the east side to the west side to get to the trailhead.

“We’re here because we need to be here, but also because we’ve been here for many years and the area is a very important one for us,” said Timpanogo County Ranger Scott Wiebe.

I love that there’s a lot of history here.

On the north side of the trail, there is a rock outcropping called the Pooties, which is believed to be where the ancient Indians buried their dead.

Timpanogosi is a remote area in central Ontario.

There is no access to the lake.

While the trail is easy to access, it is a little challenging to navigate.

A few sections are marked with wooden poles, but you can’t cross them unless you have a good grip.

But there is no fear.

One of the best parts of the hike is that you can swim, hike or fish in one of the waterfalls.

When you reach the end of the main trail, you’ll find yourself at the Poots Waterfall.

At the end, you can enjoy a view of the lake from the nearby waterfalls, as well as the view of Pott.

 It’s a perfect spot for a picnic.

And if you are in need of a rest, there are plenty of picnic tables in the campground, where you can relax and watch the sunset over the lake, which happens to be in the distance.