‘Wild, wild’ man cave cave bug bites woman and her baby

‘Wild, wild’ man cave cave bug bites woman and her baby

The man cave bug, a new species of mosquito that feeds on humans’ bodies, has bitten a woman and a baby after they came into contact with the creature at an Oregon cave, authorities said.

The woman was bitten in the head while her 3-month-old baby was bitten on the right hand and foot.

A baby was also bitten on a nearby tree.

Authorities did not say how many people may have been bitten, but said the couple was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The bug’s host, a man who was at the cave on Monday, told the Oregonian that he did not think the woman was pregnant.

The woman’s husband and their 4-year-old daughter were at the nearby campground when the bug came into their path, according to the paper.

The man told the paper that he was scared the bug could bite him if he did anything to it, but that he had to go to his cabin to get a rifle and shoot the bug.

The Oregonian said the woman and the baby had a “close” encounter.