How to get the best out of your outdoor experience

How to get the best out of your outdoor experience

In the fall, the average American is spending about two hours outside every day.

That’s up from about one hour just three years ago.

But if you want to stay active and not have to worry about missing work or being sick, you’ll need to get outside every once in a while.

You can get outdoors by getting out, either by walking, biking, hiking or running.

Here are some tips for how to make your outdoor time a little more enjoyable.


Take advantage of the weather.

The weather can make or break your outdoor adventure.

And the longer you spend outdoors, the more you’ll likely have to wear layers to protect yourself from the elements.

A recent survey by the National Park Service found that nearly 70% of Americans are either wearing layers or wearing jackets during outdoor activity.

The same survey found that one in four people are likely to be outdoors without protective clothing at least once in their life.

So if you’re looking to be outside more often, start taking advantage of those weather changes.


Know when to stop and recharge.

The longer you’re outdoors, and the more time you spend there, the harder it will be to recharge.

A survey by found that people who spent an average of three hours a day outdoors between ages 16 and 65 were at increased risk of developing arthritis, which can lead to a condition called osteoarthritis, or arthritis.


Get out and exercise in the heat.

If you’re like most Americans, you probably spend a lot of time outside, and that time is probably going to be spent sweating.

So how do you keep your body cool while you’re out and about?

Here are a few tips for keeping your skin warm while out and exercising.


Bring a picnic basket.

While most outdoor activities require you to carry a picnic or cooler, many people also bring picnic baskets to help keep their body warm and dry.

These baskets can include picnic rolls, picnic chairs, blankets, bags and water containers.


Get your feet wet.

As we all know, we all want to get out and enjoy nature.

However, if you’ve ever been to a beach, or you’ve taken a walk in the rain, you know that it can be a little dangerous to just sit and wait for the tide to come in.

You’ll want to be more active and stay active in order to keep your feet dry, while you take in the sights, sounds and smells of nature.


Know how to pack and store your gear.

The more outdoor gear you bring, the less you’ll have to carry it.

If your favorite outdoor activity is hiking, pack a backpack, a camera and a GPS to track your steps and calories burned.


Bring your own water.

Most of us carry a little water in our backpacks or backpacks on our backs.

But not every outdoor activity requires you to bring a water bottle or bucket.

For example, hiking is one activity where you’ll be able to bring water bottles and buckets, and if you have kids, bring a large water bottle to keep them safe while hiking.


Dress appropriately.

While you should dress appropriately for the season, the best way to make sure you look good while outdoors is to bring some style and personality to your outdoor outfit.

A classic white shirt, white pants, and white shoes are some of the best ways to make yourself look good.


Dress in a way that reflects your personality.

While it’s important to dress in a casual way, sometimes wearing the right outfit will really add to your outdoors experience.

For instance, don’t dress like a college student and wear your college backpack in the middle of the afternoon, but a nice jacket with a tie, and a tuxedo or black leather jacket will go a long way in making you look professional and at ease while out on the trails.


Wear a hat.

If it’s the weather outside that’s making you feel chilly, a hat is a great way to help you stay cool while enjoying the outdoors.

If that’s not your style, you can wear a hat with the wind chill or a wind chill hat.