How to build your own gigantic cave in Utah

How to build your own gigantic cave in Utah

This is a post by Daniella Levine, a geologist at the University of Utah.

She and her team recently completed a 1,800-foot-long, 8-foot deep underground cave.

Daniellas cave, which was discovered in 2011, was about the size of an average house, but was over six feet deep.

She said she didn’t know how much it cost to build it, but she hoped to raise enough money to cover the cost.

She plans to return to Utah to finish the cave, with her husband, Mark Levine.

“The cave is the biggest thing I’ve ever built,” Levine said.

“And it took us years to get it done.”

Levine was the lead geologist for a project in Utah, called the Salt Lake Project, that examined how much water flows through the region’s caves.

She has been part of many large-scale projects in Utah over the years, and she is known for her deep knowledge of geology.

In a 2009 interview with KSL, she said, “I’ve been to many caves.

I’ve done many caves.”

In 2011, Levine and her colleagues explored the cave’s depths, finding evidence of a series of caverns and tunnels.

The tunnels lead to two other large chambers.

“It’s a very unusual cave,” Levice said.

“[The tunnels] could have been a way for the water to pass through, or for the lava to escape.”

She said the tunnel systems were made up of a large number of small holes, or channels, that lead to a chamber in the middle of the cavern.

“So you could go down one and go up the other,” she said.

The tunnel system is connected by a series or bridges that run the length of the cave.

“This is like a tunnel system, in a sense,” Levite said.

She described the tunnel system as a “garden.”

The tunnel systems allow water to flow through the cave in a more controlled way.

The team was able to work at night, which allowed them to better study the water.

“We’re always looking for things to learn,” Levie said.

Levine hopes that her project will inspire people to build similar caves, especially in the mountains.

“If we’re going to get into caves, I would encourage people to go down the other side of the tunnel, and build their own cave,” she added.