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The landscape of Rajasthan is scattered with a number of villages and hamlets, telltale sign of tree grove and cattle. The most colorful villages are found in ranthambore region of Rajasthan. The typical village has always been difficult to spot till one is actually upon it.

The park has more than 300 varieties of birds . Apart from common birds like parakeets , doves , Patridges , eagles and owls ,some rare birds like the black eagles and the crested hawk eagle have also been sighted in the park . During the winter months migratory birds such as graylag goose , ruddy shelduck and pintails are also seen . Recently the Kaila Devi Sanctuary to the north-east of Ranthambore National Park and Sawai Man Singh sanctuary towards the south have been included in the park and are now a part of RanthamboreNationa Park. The park is open from October to June .

The jungle in Rajasthan are very populated. In spite of the challenges that these jungle offers, people have sited all over the jungle.

The villages in Ranthambore are made up of hamlets, the most basic form of civilization, consist of a collection of huts that are circular and have thatched roofs. The walls are covered with the sand, cow dung, and hay. The bonfire between these hamlets is mesmerizing.

Ranthambore is a one-stop destination for fun, food and entertainment. Here, you will find mandir, village bazaar; folk entertainment, animal rides, village style photo studio, jyotish, mehendi etc. are one of the few. The simplicity of people, the color and tradition will touch your heart deep down. The live dance and music will be irresistible for the young and old to join and shake a leg too! You will relish every moment of village of Ranthambore.

As Ranthambore Jungle Cave aims to provide a highly familiar service, guests may choose to dine wherever they wish. It has one open garden restaurant and has covered restaurant as well.. The highly attentive Jungle Cave staff does its utmost to meet guests every need and request.. and Serving multi-cuisine veg. and non, made of fresh garden vegetables mostly grown on-site, the dining area is a great place for breakfasts and lunches. Dinners are mostly served al-fresco under the stars and around a bon-fire. Authentic entertainment performed by an local bhat (special musician caste and dancer), complete the evenings.In resort growing different organic vegetables these vegetables are used for cooking.Behind the Jungle Cave growing wheat by lockal farmer the jungle cave take this wheat to make a fresh bread for guest.The resort use a fresh meat from a local buchhars .Ranthambore Jungle Cvae has a good cook for typical rajasthani food, Ranthambore Jungle Cave organized a tradisintiol n jungle home food insight the village that’s makes a village life of locals how they make food with short thinks.